Influencer Cooperation

Meet COOFUN, looking for brand ambassadors and social media influencers!

COOFUN is committed to innovation and the production of outstanding products has been since 2013.

One of the recent popular consumer electronic product is a mini PC. It’s not only cheaper and smaller than a traditional desktop computer, but it also saves a lot of power.

Mini PC can turn any desk into a powerful workstation. You just add a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, and display. Therefore, a mini PC seems to be an eco-friendly substitute for ordinary desktop computers and laptops.

With the advance in technology, some mini PCs are even more powerful than desktop computers, but not everyone knows this. We hope more and more people know the advantages of a mini PC!

At the same time, we are constantly seeking and work with social media influencers who create great content, such as fantastic pictures, funny videos, and who inspire people to enjoy pleasure daily!

No matter how many followers do you have, we try to collaborate with you as much as possible, with the hopes of sharing body-safe knowledge and great content with our customers.

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