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COOFUN was born among a group of computer engineers who are passionate about advanced technology and design. Founded in 2012, it has been committed to innovation and the production of outstanding products like Mini PC.

Hot Selling COOFUN Mini PC

What's the difference between desktop, laptop, and Mini PC?

Portability - Remote work

Benefits of Using COOFUN Mini PC


By combining high-powered computing with portability, mini PCs outshine laptops and tablets as they are even smaller in size.

Easy to Use

Setting up a mini computer is arguably easier than assembling a regular PC. It just needs to connect to the monitor, keyboard, mouse.

Space Efficient

Save space. Such a huge size reduction affords more freedom in terms of portability and how your workspace is utilized.


Even after purchasing other accessories separately, mini PCs usually cost 25-35% less than normal computers and laptops.


The Many Applications of Mini Computers. Mini computer have many uses in our personal and business lives. They are also used extensively in educational institutions for classroom teaching, presentation, library management, etc.

Ask Us Anything

1. What is the maximum memory that can be installed?

The RAM of this COOFUN Mini PC can be expanded up to 32GB (16GB*2). It is recommended to use Kingston memory sticks.

5. Did Windows 10 Pro already install and licensed?

All of our Mini PCs have already installed a licensed Windows 10 Pro.

2. How many monitors can be connected to your Mini PC?

Normally 2. One is display port, the other is HDMI port.

6. Can I install Photoshop?

It does work as a normal computer, but make sure to check if the minimum requirements for photoshop are met.

3. What programs are pre-loaded in your Mini PC?

All of our Mini PCs are preinstalled with the Windows 10 Pro.

7. Can your Mini PC run 64-bit programs?

Yes, it is. Our Mini PC installed a 64-bit Windows 10 pro system.

4. Can I use a wired keyboard with COOFUN Mini PC?

Any USB attached Keyboard and mouse will work. But remember there are only 3 USB ports available 2-2.0 ports and 1- 3.0. so if you use a wired mouse and keyboard you will be down to one spare.

8. Are your Mini PCs able to connect to a printer Bluetooth?

Yes, please install the printer driver, then you can use the printer.